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Top Benefits of Mobile Video Advertising for Businesses

Few revolutions in the sphere of technology have been as powerful and comprehensive as the emergence of mobile video advertising. In 2023, the number of smartphone users globally is 6.648 Billion, translating to 83.72% of the global smartphone owning population. In total, the number of smart and feature phones users is 7.26 Billion, comprising 91.54% of the global population (Source: This statistic indicates a significant paradigm shift towards mobile video advertising.

Mobile advertising is fast evolving, and video ads will soon reach new heights in 2023 as anticipated by marketing experts. 83% of the businesses believe that mobile video marketing contributes towards high ROI.

The attention span of customers is fast declining. Further, they are being bombarded with gigabytes of digital information daily. Research has shown that human brains are fast evolving and focusing on efficient methods of sorting this information overload. While text adverts can take a few minutes for customers to read, a single few seconds video ad can put across the same info using visual cues, motion, and recognizable ideas without losing customer’s attention span.

Now, with the boom in mobile video consumption worldwide, for the majority of businesses, video advertising is the biggest addition to the advertising toolkit used. Innovative businesses are rapidly embracing video advertising tools like moLotus, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to meet their advertising goals. Video promotions happen to be the most lucrative and adaptable digital advertising solution for businesses.

Here are the top benefits of mobile video advertising for businesses:

1. More Conversions and Sales

Mobile video advertising has high conversion rates because mobile phone users generally prefer videos over static image and text-based ads. They are both informative and entertaining, which is a major reason video ads have overpowered other types of advertising in terms of consumption and conversion.

Surveys reveal that well-placed videos delivered by platforms like moLotus, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. can raise conversion rates by up to 80 percent. However, it takes more than just designing compelling videos to boost conversion. The choice of the appropriate mobile video platform is of primary importance for businesses striving for better conversions. Big brands are generating more conversions by delivering videos via unique moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform.

A suitable consumer response to mobile video ads adds to business returns. moLotus mobile videos are helping businesses all over the world to get superior customer responses leading to better sales. Studies show that increasing sales conversion via moLotus has been the quickest and most cost-effective method to generate high margin sales revenues.

2. Personalization

It is a natural human tendency of customers to respond and give more attention when brands use their name for communication. Personalized mobile videos make use of this very tendency of them. It makes your brand more trustworthy in the eyes of the prospect and they feel like they are being taken care of.

Personalized mobile videos address the targeted customers individually by their name and other personal info creating a feeling of one-on-one communication that feels closer connection with them. They are being widely used in the final stages of the sales marketing funnel by businesses to nurture their leads.

Businesses are adopting disruptive technologies and video marketing platforms like moLotus to send hyper-personalized mobile videos to their customers getting better brand visibility, engagement, sales and profits. moLotus uses a one-to-one approach through video hyper-personalization tailoring brand messages using customer name and relevant customer data.

moLotus videos almost instantly establishes connection with business leads on a more individual level. Major brands are using moLotus video ads to target customers via hyper-personalized recommendations, offers and other messages to bring in more sales revenues.

3. Interactivity

Mobile videos form the most interactive form of rich media advertising. Interactive video happens to be the most preferred advertising format for top brands to engage consumers and achieve their digital marketing goals. Interactive mobile videos excite customers and advertisers alike.

Traditional videos offered by platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. have the options to start, pause, rewind, fast forward and restart. The Interactive videos offered by advanced platforms like moLotus have unique and easy customer interaction options like SMS, USSD, Web URL, Call, etc. other than the basic functions. With moLotus interactive video ads lead generation and sales have improved 360 degrees. Brands are striking a two-way contextual conversation through moLotus 40 sec. high impact video ads loaded with the customer response options.

4. More Shareability

Mobile videos are one of the most engaging and shareable types of digital content. According to HubSpot, videos generate twelve times more shares than other types of content combined. Advertisers are utilizing the ‘red hot shareability’ of mobile videos to create ads that customers would like to share with their friends and acquaintances making the content viral. They get an edge over the competition just by deciding to pursue shareable video ad creation.

However, just because videos have the potential to get shared easily and be so engaging doesn’t mean they will work! Here choice of the right video advertising tool comes into play. Mobile video ads created and delivered via moLotus, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. gain more engagement and chargeability.

moLotus is poised to become even bigger with video shareability as moLotus videos tend to directly reach the customer’s mobile inbox without spamming it. They tend to remain in the inbox until the customer voluntarily decides to delete them. Customers are at liberty to share the videos from their mobile inbox as per their liking and convenience.

5. Non-intrusive

Several businesses earlier were compelled to adopt intrusive video advertising via channels like YouTube, which was pushing invasive, irrelevant, unwelcome ads in front of customers. The ads used to play videos and audios at inopportune times upsetting the customers and turning off to the offers and brand. The ad campaign failed from the start.

However, things are bound to change now with the advent of new-age platforms like moLotus. The technology introduced non-intrusive mobile video advertising to advertisers across the globe.

Unlike intrusive ads, non-intrusive moLotus video ads do not overtly disrupt customer’s mobile experience. They are passive, offering the customers liberty to watch them rather than forcing them. Customer’s need not bother to block them using ad blockers. The non-intrusive mobile videos are well-targeted delivering higher returns.

6. Bring in Great Returns on Investment

A research by Wyzowl found that 89% of video marketers say mobile videos give them a good ROI. A number of factors contribute towards high ROI accruing from mobile videos. They are attention grabbing. The value of the video gets established in just the first 3 seconds. They can easily be matched with the intent of the customers; can be split tested; multiple call-to-actions can be incorporated; and offer powerful video analytics.

More brands are investing in new-age moLotus mobile video ad platforms to gain superior advertising ROI. It is one of the few mobile video ad platforms which dramatically grew after the pandemic unfolded as most customers stayed at home, where they preferred more mobile video watching.

7. Helps in Building Trust

Consumers have turned out to be smart. Research reveals that mobile video ads have successfully won the confidence of smart consumers. Modern customers select and trust a product or brand after watching a related video on their mobile devices.

They are glued to innovative mobile video ads created by big brands using advertising platforms like moLotus, YouTube, Facebook, etc. moLotus mobile marketing videos are being used to create direct customer testimonials to tutorials. Consumers watching these videos are getting inspired, influenced and more confident to go with the respective brands or products.

8. Excellent for Informing and Educating

Simply speaking, customer education is the process of educating customers on how great products or services are for the consumers and how they can get the most out of them. With surveys showing consumers listing bad customer experience as one of their primary reasons for churning, focusing on customer education is of vital importance to thrive in your industry. With all of the distractions available over the internet, it can be quite tricky to capture and keep the attention of customers.

Mobile videos can be the best way to educate them on a product or service, if done in a succinct, engaging, and cost-effective way. Video ad campaigns designed and delivered via platforms like moLotus, YouTube, Instagram, etc. are quick and simple for brands to get their message across to customers, and it gives them a chance to entertain them while doing it.

When creating videos to educate customers, brands make sure that they retain the information – moLotus mobile videos are great at this! It is quite interesting to observe how brand advertisers are using moLotus videos to weave effective and educating storyboards delivered to customer’s mobile phones. No app, no data plans involved.

9. Analytics are Telling

In the past few years, video analytics has caught the increasing interest from both brands and the customers. The primary mobile video advertising platforms, including moLotus, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, include video analytics capabilities that enable businesses to analyze how video content performs.

Knowing the deep data insights can help businesses plan future campaigns, making content more effective at reaching their target customers. moots video analytics have been a game-changer in analyzing consumer behavior. It pays attention to what works and what does not work. moLotus provides advanced reports with actionable insights, improving business decisions, enhancing processes, planning and implementation.


As more and more customers turn to smartphones, mobile video ads are helping brands generate optimal ROI and drive improved business outcomes. Platforms like moLotus, YouTube, etc. have offered impactful HQ video to help brands produce and scale high-impact mobile-first campaigns.

For big brands, moLotus has spearheaded numerous buzz-worthy mobile ad campaigns that reached mobile-savvy audiences and delivered high margin mobile video advertising revenues. For the businesses still wondering whether it is truly worth promoting a business via mobile videos, the answer is a ‘big yes’.

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