Defaulted Student Loan Related Information

College Lending Solutions is that the industry leader in helping defaulted student loan borrowers get back on track. Our experience is firsthand knowledge of how the default process works. we all know exactly what to say to collection agencies to stop the collection calls, stop the wage garnishments and tax offsets, get you rock bottom payment possible, clear the derogatory information off your agency , get you on programs with little to no deposit and help you get back on the road to credit recovery.

COLLEGE LENDING SOLUTION offers you different programme and techniques to urge an educational loan in easy way. we offer our services with balance discrepancies, incorrect interest rates, IRS offsets that haven’t been reported as payments, fraud and school closures.

Our schemes and plans are designed keeping the requirements of college students in consideration. Your needs weather it’s related to the annual fees, the lodging and boarding expenses and therefore the cost of technical tools if required, we’ve the complete solution for you.

The owner of this company was a bill collector that collected on defaulted student loans and worked for one among the largest collection agencies in the defaulted student loan market. we all know what it takes to get the job done and to get you the results that you need to move away from this issue.

Don’t let the gathering agencies mislead you into giving a down payment that you really don’t need to give or can afford. the scholar loan lenders and guarantors hired a collection agency to their job and unfortunately the collection agency only has their client’s best interests at heart.

At school Lending Solutions we will have your best interests at heart and we will get you the most reasonable and affordable payment option that you qualify for – that’s our promise to you.

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