Here Are Five Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Service Apartment

Corporate stays have been significantly redefined by serviced apartments in Nashik in recent years. The serviced apartment sector is the fastest-growing segment of the hospitality industry, with an annual growth rate of over 15%. It is growing rapidly, but there is still a supply-demand gap, as illustrated by the fact that over 20% of hotel stays are due to the lack of serviced apartments. Due to the attractive returns, many apartment owners are converting their properties into serviced apartments. Before starting a service apartment, however, there are some crucial points to keep in mind.


When starting a serviced apartment, this is the most important factor to consider. The apartment must be near commercial and business hubs, since a large portion of the business is via corporate. Additionally, it must be located in a residential neighborhood with nearby amenities such as shops, quality restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, etc.


Security is almost as crucial to serviced apartments as location. The majority of the visitors will be strangers to the city and will need to feel safe. Providing the guests with a sense of security is the host’s duty. Before you can expect success, you will need to address these issues, from choosing a decent neighborhood to recruiting staff that inspires trust.


The majority of your visitors will be businessmen and professionals on task-related travel, who have high expectations for the caliber and standard of their lodging. Despite the fact that hotels and serviced apartments are significantly different from one another, comparisons between the two are almost certain to occur.

Verify that the apartment’s decor and furnishings are on par with those of upscale hotels. You must pay close attention to every detail, from the couches in the living area to the bed linens in the bedrooms. The entire residence should have a cozy, feel to it. Prior to opening a service apartment, confirm that the furnishings and equipment are of high caliber. Don’t skimp on the furniture’s quality either.


You must research the market and current trends. You must choose a USP that distinguishes you from your rivals. Your pricing ought to be fair and competitive, as well as the amenities you offer. Finding options and comparing costs for a business rarely takes any time in today’s world where information is always only a click away. Therefore, ensure that you are providing the greatest pricing feasible before opening a service apartment so that the customers will return to you.

MARKETING After Starting a Service Apartment:

A solid action plan is necessary for an efficient marketing approach. You can also take into account a variety of possibilities for selling your services. Take into account possibilities like direct marketing, print ads, internet directory listings, social media sites like Facebook, etc. A professional corporate presentation that you can mail to potential customers is a smart idea, as is having your own website. Additionally, you can add your flat to our website and join our unique partner programme.

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