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Affiliate Marketing Hits Bull’s Eye for the Merchants Worldwide

Rupiz Affiliates is an online marketing venture of the Rupiz Info tech group, which is an online business conglomerate. It provides productive business platform for global affiliates and merchants. Rupiz Affiliates works on pay-on-performance structure, this could probably be one of the clinchers in helping them acquire big merchants.

The 5 merchants to join the affiliate network very recently are diverse in their standings. Get me payday is an online portal for instant loan encashment, The Rajasthan Tour organizes cultural tours throughout India, I Discover India specializes in building customized travel packages, Stick it +on your wall is an online portal offering posters and calenders across various categories and India gift bazaar is an online Gifting and “Shopping Hyper mall”.

Interestingly all these merchants are offering competitive commission structure for the affiliates on board the affiliate network.

Following the pay-on-performance model, Rupiz Affiliates adopts a 360 degree approach towards online marketing for all its clients. This includes-

1. Newsletters and e-mail campaigns targeting the extensive affiliate base

2. Generating awareness through forum postings on all affiliates’-centric platforms

3. Squidoo lenses

4 Business blog services

5. Press Release Copywriting

6. Viral Marketing

7. Classified ads

8. Promotion through Rupiz Affiliates’ monthly newsletter to inform the affiliates regarding changes / updates

9. Promotion through social forums

10. Consultancy from the expert account management team at Rupiz Affiliates

Meenakshi Wail, co-founder and business development head of Rupiz Affiliates claims,” Merchants prefer Rupiz Affiliates because of the intensive, aggressive and result-oriented marketing strategy it adopts for them.”

The Affiliate Marketing medium is increasingly gaining popularity due to the transparency, ease of reporting and tracking which is desirable for every business organization making it the most effective form of advertising. IN the wake of this trend businesses like Rupiz Affiliates stand much to gain.

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